As an interpreter from Italian to Spanish and Spanish to Italian, I let you engage in an authentic dialogue with your conversation partner so everyone can express themselves naturally in their native language and let body language and cultural aspects - that are reflected in the language - be heard too. This all helps create a complete, transparent story about you and your work. 

Interpreting and translation Spanish to Italian


  • You’re producing a film, literature, or cultural festival and are planning an internship, masterclass, or a demonstration that will host international artists – actresses, writers, singers, dancers, or other entertainment personalities – and you want the festival to be a success in terms of participation and enjoyment
  • You’re an event organizer or the director of a cultural association and you’re planning seminars, conferences and workshops, and you want to attract an international audience.
  • You need to organize one or more bilateral online meetings with your foreign partners. You can’t go over the meeting times because you have a full agenda and have to take time zone differences into account. 
  • You want to take part in B2B or B2C meetings abroad. You’ve given up on the idea of trying to speak the foreign language because you would rather focus on your work and bringing back results
  • You need to travel abroad to complete your social and humanitarian project. You want an interpreter who will help you understand the true needs of your contacts and mediate any cultural differences
  • You’re organizing a corporate training course or informational event for your employees or potential foreign customers. You want an interpreter who can not only translate during the event but can also facilitate communication during social time.
  • You’re a bride and groom who have chosen Italy as a destination to seal their love with a civil or religious wedding and one of you is not an Italian citizen. You want to check off “interpreter” from the list of professionals you’ll count on and not worry about the language issue from then on.
Spanish Italian interpreting


Depending on the type of event, we will choose the best type of interpreting for you:

Simultaneous interpreting from Spanish to Italian and Italian to Spanish

If you need to organize a conference, seminar, or a convention with many participants who speak different languages, what you need is a simultaneous interpreter. I sit in a soundproof booth with a headset and microphone with a view of the room (even if on a screen). I hear in the headset what the speaker is saying, and I speak into the microphone and translate it in real time with a minimal time lapse called decalage. The audience listens to the translation through earpieces or headsets choosing the Italian or Spanish channel. For events over an hour long, I work in a pair with another colleague, with whom I alternate about every 30 minutes to ensure optimal quality translation. 

I can also interpret simultaneously during a virtual or hybrid event – at a meeting, a webinar, a convention – through special platforms equipped with an interpreting function.

Consecutive interpreting from Spanish to Italian and Italian to Spanish

If you are planning a short event such as a press conference or book presentation in which a single speaker, who may, for example, speak Spanish, is addressing an Italian-speaking audience, you need a consecutive interpreter. In this case, I do not translate from the soundproof booth but stand or sit next to the speaker. He or she starts speaking and I take notes with a notepad and pen. After 5-10 minutes, the speaker stops so I can translate into the other language. This is why we say that consecutive interpreting happens in dual times. If the participants want to speak, I simultaneously translate for the foreign speaker, whispering in his or her ear (whispered interpreting or chuchotage).

Whispered interpreting (chuchotage) from Spanish to Italian and Italian to Spanish

If it is a short event or only one and up to three people need translation, the most suitable and least expensive type of interpreting is chuchotage. I stand or sit next to those who need the translation and translate in real time whispering in their ear. 

Liaison interpreting from Spanish to Italian and Italian to Spanish

If you are attending a trade show, a B2B meeting, or planning a meeting with a limited number of people (usually two) and want to converse at the pace of conversation, you need a liaison interpreter.


Spanish Italian interpreter service
ES-IT Interpretation service

Representatives of the U.S. Mexican Judiciary, senior officials of the UNODC (United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention) in Mexico, and Italian authorities (including ambassadors, prosecutors, councilors, mayors, directors of prisons, the head of the Department of Penitentiary Administration, and the head of the Central Prison Labor Office) during public meetings, conferences, virtual technical meetings, and guided tours in Rome.

University professors in criminal law, criminology and philosophy, judges, restorative justice mediators, victims and perpetrators of armed violence, political terrorism, sexual violence, and racial discrimination during webinars, public and confidential meetings, both in-person and remotely.

Actors and actresses, directors, producers, and film distributors during press conferences, interviews, Q&A sessions, and film presentations at the 2019 and 2020 Alice nella Città film festival, a parallel event of the Rome Film Festival.

Companies in the food and agri-food sector at international fairs such as SIGEP (International Exhibition of Ice Cream, Pastry, Artisan Bread and Coffee) and Macfrut (produce sector fair).



No two interpreting projects are the same (How many languages are involved? How many interpreters are needed? How many days is the event? What is the subject? Is it an urgent project? does the interpreter need to travel to another region or fly abroad? and the list goes on). Costs also differ accordingly. 

If you want an audience that is happy to have taken part in your event or communication with your customers or suppliers that is all smooth sailing, for your interpreting budget consider: 

  • One hour of interpreting starts at €115
  • One day of simultaneous or consecutive interpreting starts at €500
  • One day of liaison interpreting starts at €420

You will have no added agency costs because you will deal with me directly. I will guide you and support you throughout the project to ensure effective intercultural communication, the key to a successful multilingual event. 


Contact me using the form below. I will get back to you with a questionnaire that helps me collect the information I need to prepare an exact quote that is clear and comprehensive. At this point, you should already know the exact date that the event will take place, the languages involved, the topic discussed (try to be as specific as possible), and how long it will last.

If you have never organized an event with multiple languages and would rather talk to me by phone, book a free consultation. I would be delighted to help you and answer your questions.

Absolutely. As an interpreter, I am bound to professional secrecy. I keep in the strictest confidence all the information I come into contact with before, during, and after the event. I assure utmost professionalism as I abide strictly by the profession’s code of ethics and the professional code of Assointerpreti, the Italian interpreters association. I am also happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement for you if you like.

The sooner you get in touch, the better. The preparation time for assignments varies widely. It could be 3 days, a week or 2 months. To ensure you get the best quality service, I must study the event’s topic in depth, prepare one or more glossaries in Italian and English and memorize them, study the bios of the speakers, the schedule of their speeches, and any other material you provide (such as slides, presentations, programs, etc.). I watch speaker videos – if available – to familiarize myself with their speaking style, accent, and speed of speech, and I practice the type of interpreting chosen by choosing videos on the topic. 

Payment is made by bank transfer as follows. When you accept the quote, you make an advance payment of 30% of the total amount. After the event is completed, I will issue an invoice that is due within 30 days for the remaining 70%. 

No, I’m sorry. There are no discounts on the base rate (except for social interpreting for NGOs and volunteer associations. But I do have some good news. You can pay in installments to make the expense easier to manage. 

Interpreting is a highly specialized job that requires special training in interpreting techniques and entails a great deal of responsibility. The investment for interpreting service is not based on the number of people who will use the translation or how long the event lasts (unless it is an hour-long meeting for which I apply my hourly rate). 

There are many reasons that the service’s cost is calculated based on a 7-hour day and is non-divisible.

  • Whether I work 4 or 7 consecutive hours, the time needed to prepare for the event remains the same; 
  • When I start preparing, I focus exclusively on your project and do not study for other interpreting assignments. This means that even if your event is for 4 hours in the afternoon, I will not work on another job in the morning. 

All of this has the single aim of ensuring you get top quality interpreting

These are the factors behind a quote for interpreting:

  • Days spent studying;
  • The actual hours of interpreting during an event;
  • The time used for travel; 
  • Telephone and email communication and briefing before the event. 

Yes, I'll take care of it! I draw on a network of trusted, experienced colleagues. We make an excellent team! 

Of course! I can travel to meet you abroad, provide remote interpreting or support you on your trip from Italy to a foreign country to help you communicate with the local people. 


Do not pass up the chance to scale your business, organize an event with an international public or meet potential partners and customers just because you don't know a certain language. You can let your voice be heard through mine and present yourself to others smoothly and spontaneously as if you were from the same country. 

Write me – or book a free consultation – and tell me about your project. I will evaluate your needs carefully, including your economic ones, to offer you the best solution.

When will I respond?

You can contact me whenever you want, and I will respond from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM CEST, excluding holidays. 

I always try to answer as quickly as possible, generally within 24 hours. When I am out of the office or on vacation, you will get an automated response. 

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    I'm Laura Cavalli and I interpret and translate Italian, English, and Spanish for people who want to reach across languages and cultures to share knowledge, stories, and experiences, expanding their horizons.

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