I interpret and translate Italian, English, and Spanish for people who want to reach across languages and cultures to share knowledge, stories, and experiences, expanding their horizons.

Laura Cavalli Interpreter and Translator
La Cavalli Interpreting and Translation
La Cavalli Spanish to Italian and Italian to Spanish interpreter

I believe in the power of words, the words that are said and those that are unsaid, expressed with body language.

Have you ever had the experience of compromising a situation, whether in a work or personal relationship, by choosing the wrong words or saying them in the wrong way? Would it bother you if someone put words in your mouth that you never said? If so, you agree with me that words matter and should be chosen with care.  What you say takes on meaning because of how you say it, your tone of voice, the look in your eyes, silences, and gestures. This all contributes to giving expression to the intentions that drive you. If you want others to get your message and start a dialogue with them, everyone needs to be able to listen, understand, and respond appropriately.

As an Italian-English and Italian-Spanish interpreter, I am like a magician. I become invisible to make conversation possible between people who otherwise couldn’t have communicated with each other.

I know how to grasp the deeper meaning of your message. I use my ears to listen and sense and my eyes to carefully convey your intentions. I translate into the other language with full respect for your communication style. I speak in the first person so as to merge my identity with yours and give voice to your words as if they were my own. My warm, clear voice lets others listen to a lucid, complete translation and interact with you. 

Whether a text is written or spoken, it should let everyone have the same experience of it.

What you say or write will be accessible to a larger, international audience. Everyone will be able to experience the impact of your words. With no cultural differences standing in their way. It is as if everyone could read, understand, and speak a single language, looking at the world with the same eyes. 

As a translator from English to Italian and Spanish to Italian, it is my responsibility to make sure that the translated text evokes the same emotions in readers as it does in the original language. 

Laura Cavalli mother tongue interpreter and translator
EN-ES-IT Interpreting and Translation Services

You need to be able to express yourself in your native language and be confident that the message will get to others with the same intensity.

By relying on me, you won’t need to strain to understand, write, and speak a foreign language. You’ll be able to pursue your goals and express yourself easily and naturally in your native language, with what you say and how you say it moving together in a perfect dance. There is no language like your own in which you can express yourself with the same authenticity

Want to know more about what guides me in my life and work? Read my Manifesto.

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Languages and foreign cultures will no longer be a barrier to overcome but a tool to genuinely know others.


You’ll be able to communicate with people in foreign languages to share with them everything cultural: film, literature, food and wine, music, dance, and theatre. You will introduce yourself to new customers, suppliers, and international fans while staying true to your communication style. You will succeed in forming a trusting relationship and solid partnership, strengthening the bonds with your audience.


Faithful, punctual, and sensitive translation can help you export your project abroad, forge strong, future-oriented international cooperation projects, and share best practices, stories, and experiences that can inspire and help others and make the world a better place.


I’ll be by your side for major events of your professional and private life so that participants can understand each other and communicate with ease and spontaneity. I will translate formal or casual conversations faithfully, completely, and exactly to let all involved enjoy a memorable moment.


For those who have turned their love of travel and tourism into a profession and want to attract an Italian audience with beguiling texts that let the readers travel with their mind and bolster their sensitivity to make for tourism that is respectful of local communities and the environment. Translating your travel and tourism texts in Italian will mean having made an inclusive choice of which you can be proud. 

Laura Cavalli English Italian Interpreter Translator


I’ll reflect your message like a mirror in another language.

As an interpreter, you might ask me to translate what is said at conferences, interviews, B2B and B2C meetings, courses, webinars, tours, weddings, and corporate events from Italian to English, English to Italian, Italian to Spanish, and Spanish to Italian.

As a translator, you might ask me to translate a variety of travel and tourism industry texts from English and Spanish into Italian.


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    I'm Laura Cavalli and I interpret and translate Italian, English, and Spanish for people who want to reach across languages and cultures to share knowledge, stories, and experiences, expanding their horizons.

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