If you are looking for a professional translator who can translate your tourist or travel texts, you've landed in the right spot! Before translating, I'll consider the audience who will read the translation. My translation choices will be faithful to the original, yet clear and easy to understand for the readers. If you have tight deadlines, don't worry. We can set a delivery date when I quote for the job, and you will get the translated texts on the agreed-upon deadline.

My travel and tourism translation services are available

I can translate tourist guides, websites, newsletters, blog articles, itineraries, travel tips, and much more. My translation service is especially for those who seek to promote and offer real solutions for responsible and sustainable tourism. I love to translate for those seeking to inspire people to travel slowly, minimize their negative impact on the environment, and get involved in the culture of local people by trying local dishes, participating in traditional events, as well as sharing their hopes for change

Do you want to participate in a tourism fair abroad? Are you organizing a conference or seminar on ecotourism where there will be foreign speakers? I am ready to support you as an Italian-English and Italian-Spanish interpreter.

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Unlike what some may think, translating tourist and travel texts is far from a walk in the park. I have to consider the type of text I'm working with (Is it a website? A print catalogue?), the purpose for which it was written (Is it a promotional or informational text?), the tone of voice (Does it provide useful information to travelers with descriptive language, or is it meant to attract tourists with persuasive language?). Above all, I need to have a very clear idea of who it is aimed at. Depending on whether a translation is for industry experts or not, a tourism text's terminology and jargon can vary a great deal, borrowing words from foreign languages (e.g. low cost, check-in, check-out, and transfer might be borrowed from English).

Tourist and travel writing abounds not only with proper names of cities and tourist attractions, but also with vocabulary from the realms of food and wine, art and culture in general. Before I start translating, I need to understand how recognizable certain cultural references are to the readers of the translation. I make translation choices based on this that make the content effortlessly accessible for the reader and texts that are smooth and a pleasure to read. I might choose a translation approach that preserves the text's exotic nature by leaving words and expressions in the source language in the text with explanatory notes. 

And there's even more to it. In some texts, I have to handle slogans, expressions, and plays on words that seek to attract the reader's attention and make the text appealing. The reader should not realize that they are reading something originally conceived and written in another language. This is why, rather than translate literally I look for solutions that convey the same meaning, sound natural in Italian, and have the same effect on the reader as on those of the original text.

Have questions? Take a look at the English-Italian Translations or Spanish-Italian Translations page.


As an adventure-loving person, don't be afraid of traveling far and wide with your message! The time is here to take that step you've been dreaming of for a while and win over the Italian market.

By choosing to translate your content, you will attract Italian tourists and travelers who will have a chance to have memorable experiences as you inspire and guide them.

Write to me as soon as possible and tell me about your project. Don't forget to attach the final documents to be translated in Word (.doc) format if possible to get a free quote.

When will I respond?

You can contact me whenever you want, and I will respond from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM CEST, excluding holidays. 

I always try to answer as quickly as possible, generally within 24 hours. When I am out of the office or on vacation, you will get an automated response. 

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    I'm Laura Cavalli and I interpret and translate Italian, English, and Spanish for people who want to reach across languages and cultures to share knowledge, stories, and experiences, expanding their horizons.

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