If your goal is to establish international cooperation relationships that aim to improve people's lives by sharing best practices or encouraging exchange and dialogue among people of different languages and cultures, I can help you make it happen. This all happens through communication that is necessarily grounded in empathic listening. My translation will be precise and sensitive. I choose terms and words carefully and must be aware of the message's emotional content.  You can express yourself with natural ease in your native language and clearly and fully understand the other person and their needs. I will take care of your message as if it were my own and will convey it without my personal opinions added: I will be faithful and impartial.

My social interpreting service is available

for all types of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage, liaison).

Whether online, in Italy or on a trip abroad, I'm there to support you in every situation. 

I will be your voice in the foreign language during regular meetings with your international partners. You can discuss multi-lateral collaborations that aim to achieve sustainable development goals in emerging countries, prevent violence, and combat terrorism and crime.

I can interpret for confidential meetings or international conferences on restorative justice as well as for teachers and experts of sociology, psychology, and philosophy during lectures, class series, a convention, or a seminar. 

I can lend my voice to the non-profit sector, including for NGOs that protect human rights and combat poverty and racism; non-profit organizations, social foundations and NGOs that work in the realms of social assistance and send a message of equality; volunteer associations that need an interpreter that knows the language and culture of the country where they have active volunteer projects during a site visit or a humanitarian mission; for anyone who cares about creating a peaceful, inclusive society and promotes intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

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Working as an interpreter in the social field means adapting deftly to very different contexts, situations, and modes of interaction.

For example, a virtual technical meeting between senior United Nations officials and Italian authorities to discuss a development cooperation project is quite formal, using specific terminology.

Whereas if I lend my voice to a restorative justice meeting in which the victims and perpetrators of a crime take part, it is a very different situation. I need to be both well prepared in the terminology but I also need to be ready to interpret stories and words that are difficult and painful to hear. Emotionally speaking, it is essential for me to have good self-control and be able to convey the message in its entirety, expressing the speaker's feelings and intentions.

It is more important than ever to choose the words carefully to avoid conveying an incorrect message or intention and to create conflict. 

Interpreting in this realm means coming into contact with information, including personal information, that must be confidential and with topics that even though I might have an opinion, I absolutely can't let it come through.

When interacting to share information, skills, and stories that aim to inspire others and have a positive impact on the world, both cultural and linguistic mediation is essential. Cultural references come into play that could be unknown or difficult to understand for those lacking a deep understanding of the culture. 


  • For representatives of the U.S. Mexican Judiciary, senior officials of the UNODC (United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention) in Mexico, and Italian authorities (including ambassadors, prosecutors, councilors, mayors, directors of prisons, the head of the Department of Penitentiary Administration, and the head of the Central Prison Labor Office) during public meetings, conferences, virtual technical meetings, and tours in Rome.
  • University professors in criminal law, criminology and philosophy, judges, restorative justice mediators, victims and perpetrators of armed violence, political terrorism, sexual violence, and racial discrimination during webinars, public and confidential meetings, in-person and remotely. 

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Ideally, you should contact me well in advance, such as 1 or 2 month months before the event. This increases the chances of me being available and helps me best prepare for the event. I need to study the program, the subjects discussed, the biographies of the people who will be involved, and so forth. Most importantly, if unexpected situations were to arise it, would be easier to find an equally quality solution. For example, you could realize you do not have enough space to install simultaneous interpreting booths and need to rent the booths from an interpreting hub. 

I can consider last-minute requests (3 to 4 days before an event) but the chances that I am available are lower. I might already be committed to another project or need more time to ensure top quality.

For NGOs, volunteer associations, and non-profits, and social cooperatives, I am well aware that funds are limited to pursue their invaluable social objectives. In these cases, I therefore always try to find a solution to meet them midway

Have more questions? Take a look at my page on the Italian-English interpreting or Italian-Spanish interpreting.


Together we can build strong, transparent relationships that are human-centered.

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You can contact me whenever you want, and I will respond from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM CEST, excluding holidays. 

I always try to answer as quickly as possible, generally within 24 hours. When I am out of the office or on vacation, you will get an automated response. 

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    I'm Laura Cavalli and I interpret and translate Italian, English, and Spanish for people who want to reach across languages and cultures to share knowledge, stories, and experiences, expanding their horizons.

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