I translate your written texts from English to Italian faithfully, carefully choosing the words to use based on their meaning and the effect you want to make on your readers. I’ll be your invisible translator: your readers will not know that they are reading a translation, as it will be a pleasure to read as if it had been written originally in Italian. 

Laura Cavalli English to Italian translation interpreting services


  • You work for a travel agency or you’re a tour operator looking for an Italian translator with whom to work regularly to translate a lot of material, including tour packages, tour itineraries, and brochures. 
  • You’re a travel organizer or a travel designer and dream of inclusive translations for the exclusive experiences you offer. Having your travel itineraries translated by a translator who knows your language and culture can help you convey your love for your land and work to draw Italian customers interested in seeing your country. 
  • You run a hospitality business, and you want to offer all your guests, regardless of their language, a high-quality service by translating your website, menus, and so on.
  • You’re a travel influencer and need your travel guides and post captions translated as quickly as possible, always respecting your tone of voice
  • You want to attract more tourists to your outdoor sports lessons – such as surfing, canoeing, hiking – and you are looking for someone who can translate promotional materials with an engaging, not overly literal style.
  • You create content for travel magazines, blogs, or a newsletter and you want specific terms to correspond to a specific translation that is the same across the texts to make your communication consistent across channels.
English-Italian translator

Or if...

You need an Italian translation of texts in the realms of film, food and wine, music, dance or theatre such as film synopses, series pitches, scripts, data sheets, product descriptions, press releases, and so on.


Spanish to Italian translation
Laura Cavalli Translation services

First, contact me and tell me about your project (What’s the purpose of your texts, and who are your target readers? Can you approximate when you need your translations completed?). If you send me your final texts, in Word (.doc) if possible, I can send you a free quote

Once you accept my quote, you send it back to me signed. After you send me any relevant material supporting the translation – to ensure terminological consistency with the previously translated texts – then I start translating.

I will deliver your translations as quickly as possible within the time needed to ensure top quality work, which means double-checking it. 

Once you have received the translation by email, I will wait for your review. Within the following 7 working days, you can ask me to make small changes as needed to the translation. 

What if the project is done but you realize you have other texts to be translated? Send them to me and you’ll get a new quote. 



As you can imagine, every translation project is different because the texts are all different and written for different purposes. This is why I can only give you an approximate idea: 

  • A 1,000-word project starts from €110
  • A small project has a minimum cost of €50

These prices are general guidelines. When you contact me, I will assess the text I have in hand and listen to your needs to be able to prepare an exact quote made to measure for you.

There are no added agency costs because you will deal directly with me, the one who translates your texts. 

Are you wondering if it’s really worth translating your site’s texts into Italian? The answer is yes. An Italian tourist looking for accommodations for their next vacation will leave your site in a heartbeat if they have to struggle to understand the information written in English. Don’t leave anyone out. Open the doors of your business to the Italian market.


Contact me as soon as you can to make sure I’m available. 

If you want to get a free quote and an estimate of the translation’s delivery date, be sure to attach the text to be translated. 

You can also contact me for urgent projects to be delivered within 24-48 hours or completed during weekends or holidays. Depending on the urgency, the translation will cost 10% to 30% more. 

I translate about 2,000 words a day, but the time it takes can vary from project to project. After the translation is done, I need to “let it sit” to then revise it with fresh eyes and correct any typos or errors. Only then is it ready to be delivered. 

Yes! I use software that lets me translate your text while maintaining its format and layout. 

No, discounts are not offered on my base rate because it includes the time I spend on revising the text and the option of discussing the text with me to provide feedback and possibly request changes

I also need specific working tools to provide a top-quality service. To ensure terminological consistency in your texts, maintain formatting and layout, and speed up translation and delivery times, I use software for which I pay an annual license. 

I apply discounts exclusively for projects – of varying sizes – that are sure to have a certain continuity. However, I can help by offering the option to pay in installments as I deliver the translations. 

If you send the document in formats other than Word (such as .jpeg or PDF), I will need more time to transcribe it and format it, which entails an added cost.

I issue an invoice at the end of the translation project with a due date of 30 days, by which you pay by bank transfer the amount agreed upon in the quote.

For projects with a large volume of text, I ask for 20% advance payment. 


By translating your texts from English to Italian, you reach a wider audience and give your customers an experience that is memorable from the get-go. 

When will I respond?

You can contact me whenever you like, and I will respond from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM CEST, excluding holidays. 

I always try to answer as quickly as possible, generally within 24 hours. When I am out of the office or on vacation, you will get an automated response.

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    I'm Laura Cavalli and I interpret and translate Italian, English, and Spanish for people who want to reach across languages and cultures to share knowledge, stories, and experiences, expanding their horizons.

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